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About NAK-ED.  

NAK-ED is a documentary project with the intention to break the norms around nudity and decrease body shaming.

In NAK-ED you’ll meet people from around the world, with different approaches and thoughts about nudity. 

Some show us what shame about our naked bodies does to us, others challenge conventions and want to change the world.
NAK-ED is also a stand against censorship on social media. Social media censors normal bodies, and does not allow for any type of nudity, no matter how natural it is. This leads to body shame for all of us.

The great nude portraits are a part of the 1000BodiesProject by Norwegian photographer Kenneth Sortland Myklebust. An ongoing art project about confidence, pushing boundaries, natural beauty and diversity.

PRESS KIT is available here: 


Jan Dalchow

The Director

Jan Dalchow is an award-winning Norwegian producer and director of documentaries.

Filmography on IMDB (


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